Mojito- August’s Cocktail of the Month

Mojitos are delightful drinks. They are light and refreshing so they are ideal for hot August weather. They are fairly time intensive to make, though, so give your bartender a break and make one at home.

Mojito- August's Cocktail of the Month


2 oz white rum
1 oz lime juice
1 oz mineral water
2 teaspoons superfine sugar
15 fresh mint leaves
1 mint leaf (garnish)

1. Gently muddle the mint leaves, superfine sugar, and lime juice.
2. Add ice, rum, and mineral water. Stir to chill and combine.
3. Rub the remaining mint leaf around the rim of the class then set on top. of drink.


Hopefully this inspires you to try this classic cocktail out for yourself!

Mental Health During a Breakup: 7 Ways to Keep On Keeping On


So, Fiance is no longer Fiance. Now he is Ex. It’s a unfortunate situation, and that’s about all the wider internet world needs to know.

As you might expect, this isn’t exacting a thrilling time in my life. Luckily for you people, when I’m upset I like to bury myself in research and my rational mind, so you get to benefit from that.

Here’re the top 7 ways to help yourself along through a breakup:

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Why Men Who Appreciate Cocktails are Hot

Fiance loves Scrubs. He watched it a lot with friends in high school and college, so it has good associations for him. We were watching it together one day and something stood out to me- the show has an interesting mixture of gender disciplining and great feminist moments. A recurring instance of gender disciplining that’s relevant to this blog is Dorian’s taste for appletini’s when all other male characters drink beer or straight liquor. Whenever JD orders this cocktail he encounters reactions that range from eye rolls to outright derision for his choice of drinks. Continue reading

Cape Codder- July’s Cocktail of the Month


Here in Indiana some people have been enjoying poolside bliss for several weeks now.  But for wimps like me, it’s finally getting to be swimming weather! I anticipate spending a lot of time in my apartment building’s pool during July to get in some exercise and sunlight.

Sometimes, however, a refreshing dip in the pool isn’t enough. Luckily my pool allows us to bring drinks to the pool area, so I can cool myself from the inside out as well as outside in.

My favorite so far has been the Cape Codder because it’s fruity but still light and not sweet.

Hopefully you all have a lovely, sunny spot at which you can enjoy one too!

Cape Codder

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DIY Ginger Beer

DIY Ginger Beer

Ginger is one of my favorite flavors. It makes its way into almost all of my cooking and ginger beer makes it into many of the drinks that I enjoy at home. From Moscow Mules to Nor’Easters, ginger beer makes a regular appearance in my drink rotation. I have found several brands that I enjoy, but given the the regularity  with which I use ginger beer and the perpetual presence of ginger in my fridge I wanted to try out a DIY option. Continue reading

4 Cocktails to Try for World Cocktail Day


Friday is World Cocktail Day! What better way to celebrate than by enjoying four cocktails from all over the world. Three of these are drawn from Around the World in 80 Cocktails by Allan Gage. This cocktail book contains many interesting cocktails from bars all over the world that contain unique ingredients, but I chose ones that would be a bit easier to pull together.


Abbey Road- 4 Cocktails to Try for World Cocktail Day

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3 Reasons to Drink Cocao Husk Tea

3 Reasons to Try Cocao Husk Tea

When we went to Peru, Fiance and I stopped at ChocoMuseo in Cusco. Its a really fun place that I definitely recommend checking out. While there, we sampled many chocolates and several liqueurs, but the sample that struck me was the cocao husk tea.

It was subtly sweet and delicious. I bought their largest bag to bring back to the States with me. Since then, I’ve been drinking several mugs of it a week and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Here’re three reasons that you should try it too! Continue reading


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