Yesterday I completed my first distance race ever after training for two months. I traveled up to a camp in northern Indiana with some friends. After waking far earlier than I needed to, I constrained myself to only eating a banana and headed over to the race. After one cup of coffee and not enough sleep, I toed the staring line with a curious combination of boundless nervous energy and mind-fogging tiredness. Luckily, I had two experienced pacers running along side me.

Katherine, myself, and Elisabeth

Katherine, myself, and Elisabeth

We began in the middle of the pack and slowly  passed person after person. By the turn around point, we had passed about 25 people and found ourselves in the fastest fourth. My friends kept my pace going as I started to slow down at the 4K mark. As we neared the finish line, my 4×4 training kicked in and I was able to sprint and pass four other runners.



I ended up coming in second in my category, fourth for females, and twelfth overall with a time of 26.34.

Not bad for my first 5K!