Stir crazy. That’s what most people get when they’re stuck at home for days on end.

Well, in this past week I’ve travelled to northern Indiana, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Kokomo. I’ve visited with friends, went to cool museums, and ate in fantastic restaurants. As I write this, I’m surrounded by a plethora of old books about Quakerism and all the microfilm I could process in a year (my ideal location). But I’m a poster child for stir crazy.
Why, might you ask? Well, I’ve had a pretty bad cold, complete with a stuffy nose and the complementary elephant sitting on my chest. And, being sick, my two newest and favorite hobbies were off the table: running and drinking.

Today, however, I’m finally shaking the last bits of lethargy and clearing out the congestion. I think that’s cause for a celebration.

First off, rugby practice.Unfortunately, there were not enough of us to do a full scrimmage,Scissoring Line so we did a rugby Indian run, lines, and some tackling drills. Finally, at the end, we did a modified scrimmage without the scrum. It was messy at first, since a lot of the girls had never scrimmaged before, but quickly developed into great fun.  It was fantastic to be able to be out there again, running my first truly all-out sprint in months when I managed to get a breakaway.

Tackling Drill              Tackling Drill 2

After finishing all my responsibilities for the night, I decided to try and whip up a new cocktail.

Fiancé and I are making limoncello (more on this later!) for his mother’s birthday, so I decided to come up with something that could use up some of the insane amount of lemons left over after zesting them.

I love fruity cocktails, but they are often really sweet (and therefore high in calories) without being filling. So, I like to incorporate the whole fruit, not just the juice, into my drinks.

I had some frozen cantaloupe and oranges laying around, so they, along with lemon, formed the base of my cocktail.

Cocktail Experiment #1

Cocktail Experiment #1

Cocktail experiment #1

1/3 cup frozen cantaloupe

1/3 cup chunked orange

Juice of 1/2 lemon

2 oz spiced rum

(After tasting) Dash of salt

*A Note on rum: as far as affordable rum goes (and as a college student I need my alcohol to be affordable!) I don’t think much can beat Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum. In 1991, Ed Hardy and Mike Malone expanded their brand Sailor Jerry Ltd to include Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum slowly gained in popularity until it became one of the best-selling spiced rum brands in the world. It has strong notes of vanilla, caramel, and black cherry. I think that it’s one of most versatile spiced rums- it pairs amazingly in a simple rum and coke, which brings out it’s subtle vanilla flavor, but also shines through and compliments more fruity drinks. *

 This experiment was tasty enough. There was a nice balance between the tartness of the orange and lemon and the sweetness of the cantaloupe. The fairly generous amount of rum did not come through as a flavor.

The cocktailed seemed rather one-dimensional, though, so I tried adding some salt. The salt helped the overall flavor, but the cocktail remained somewhat lackluster.

I think this recipe has good bones, but needs some finessing. Next time, I’ll try increasing the cantaloupe to orange ratio and replacing lime with lemon.