The Quaker Army

To celebrate the end of the semester, my rugby team got together for a formal. After playing rugby for less than a year, it already means so much to me. These girls have become like family- after all, you have to be close to people you tackle and wrestle with every other day.

Rugby families have a unique way of showing love.

Rugby families have a unique way of showing love.

So, to honor this amazing group and our amazing year of bloody, muddy goodness, I decided to craft a cocktail.

Without further ado, I give to you my rugby inspired drink:Muddy, Bloody Maul- Jameson, Creme de Cocao, Grenadine

The Muddy, Bloody Maul

1 oz Creme de Cocao
2 oz Jameson Whiskey
.5 oz grenadineMuddy, Bloody Maul

1. Shake chocolate liquor and Jameson with ice.
2. Strain into any narrow and long glass, such as a large shot glass, sour glass, or flute.
3.Pour grenadine down the back of a spoon so that it pools in the bottom on the drink.
4. Admire the beauty, then stir to combine.

The drink should look like there is a pool of blood under the mud.
This cocktail is quite sweet, so consider serving as a dessert.