Apple PickingApple season is starting to wind down now. Fiance and I decided to enjoy the last bit of sunny apple picking weather to visit an orchard near our apartment. We got a bit carried away and ended up bringing home a half bushel of apples. In order to not waste the apple-y deliciousness I needed to be a bit creative to add into most of our meals.

This orchard is a quaint little spot that also offers hay rides, sells caramel apples, and grows pumpkins. It was also fairly deserted at 2:00 on a weekday afternoon, so Fiance and I had it almost to ourselves to explore and take pictures. DSC_0546It was the second time I went apple picking and it did not disappoint. There was a large selection of apples, including my favorite: Jonathan apples.  By the time we got home I was ready to try out all the different uses I had researched.

  1. Sliced with nuts or nut butter. Apples and nuts go together beautifully. Together they form a nice quick snack. Sometimes I even slice the apples in rounds and use them to make apple sandwiches. Apples and almonds

2. Cut up in oatmeal. Apples add a nice bit of sweet and tartness to plain oatmeal. Use steel cut oats for an extra healthy boost.

Oatmeal and apples

3. Grilled Apples. Grilling apples brings out the natural sweetness. The char also happens to be beautiful.

Grilled Apples

4. Grilled Cheese with Apples. Apples add a nice crunch and sweetness to a simple grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese with Apples

5. Sausage Apple Kebab. Pork and apples are a natural pair. These kebabs bring together the two.

Sausage and Apple Kebab

6. Apple topping. Cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg make a lovely topping for pancakes, toast, or even meat. Just heat the combination together until the apples soften. Apple topping

7. Dried. Drying apples allows you to store them much longer than fresh apples. That is if you can resist finishing them in two day. Dried Apples

8. Apple Pie Bourbon. Apple pie bourbon makes a delicious treat for both fall and winter. It can be enjoyed either alone or mixed into a drink.

DIY Apple Pie Bourbon

9. Homemade cider. Cider, like apple pie bourbon, makes an amazing treat as the weather turns chilly.

Homemade Cider

10. Apple Pie. Enough said. Apple Pie