How to Deal with Gym Creepers

I love weighted hip thrusts. They’re an amazing way to target your glutes and build strength. Unfortunately, this already somewhat awkward exercise is made all the worse if you just happen to have someone ogling you. Yep, I’m talking about that not-so-subtle guy (or girl) in the headphones who glances over just a bit too much and the overtly gross guy (or girl) who stops and stares.

Unwanted gazes can really put a damper on your sweat session, so I’ve collected some of my favorite ways of getting others to keep their eyes to themselves.


While this probably doesn’t make me a great feminist, I really just don’t want to have to deal with confrontation when I’m trying to get a good workout. So, I tend to go to the gym at unpopular times. My flexible schedule allows me to do this, but I know not everyone is so lucky.

My gym (a college one) tends to be fairly empty between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. Once classes let out and athletic practices start, it slowly fills up.

Different gyms will have different flows, however, so make sure to visit yours at different times of the day.

Notice him (or her) noticing you

Often, simply making it clear that you caught the person checking you out will be enough to shame them into focusing on their lifts instead of your butt. This is usually my first strategy and is generally enough to stop the excessive glances, at least for the day.

Make a joke/Talk about it

If the looks continue and you feel uncomfortable, it might be time to approach the person. I usually make a joke (something along the lines of “Thanks for checking on my form for me!”) If they seem embarrassed, that might be enough. If not, I’ll usually follow that up by saying that them watching me makes me feel uncomfortable.

Talk to management

I’ve never personally had to go beyond the point of talking to the person, but have heard stories of guys gym stalking girls. If someone’s continues to stare at you after having confronted them, consider approaching the gym’s manager to describe the situation. Many gyms have some sort of policy in place regarding sexual harassment, and while it might only cover physical and verbal harassment, a good manager will still be willing to talk to the person.

Hopefully these tips help you enjoy your workouts in peace!

Have you experienced sexual harassment at a gym? How did you deal with it?

P.S. A little laughter is always good, so enjoy this guy making fun of guys who hit on girls in the gym