3 Reasons to Try Cocao Husk Tea

When we went to Peru, Fiance and I stopped at ChocoMuseo in Cusco. Its a really fun place that I definitely recommend checking out. While there, we sampled many chocolates and several liqueurs, but the sample that struck me was the cocao husk tea.

It was subtly sweet and delicious. I bought their largest bag to bring back to the States with me. Since then, I’ve been drinking several mugs of it a week and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Here’re three reasons that you should try it too!

  1. Utilize what would normally be wasted

With the exception of a small amount that is repurposed into mulch, this chocolate byproduct often goes to waste. By making a delicious tea with it, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

2. Caffeine and theobromine

Cocoa husk tea is rich in theobromine and has a small amount of caffeine. These two stimulants make cocoa husk tea a great option for when you need to focus but want to avoid jitters.

3. The smell

While the tea only has a light chocolate taste, the smell is sure to make you think of a luxurious and rich cup of hot cocoa.

Sourcing cocoa husk can be a bit challenging. The only store that I’ve seen them in was the ChocoMuseo in Cusco, Peru. Since traveling there probably is not an option, I did some research to find more convenient options.

The first, and cheapest, place you should check is your local chocolate makers. Not all chocolate factories process from the husk, but ones that do will often sell the husks very cheaply.

If you’re unable to find anything local, there are several online options.

Tisano produces organic cocoa tea. A 4 oz tin is $14.99 and the 8 oz refill (in a resealable plastic bag) is $19.99.

The Etsy shop MORTARandPESTAL sells smaller quantities (.5 oz for $1.55 and a 1 oz for $2.60) that would be perfect for trying the tea out.

Cocao Hull Tea

Once you have the husks, making a delicious tea with it is incredibly easy. Just fill a tea ball with husks, steep in almost boiling water for 10 minutes, and enjoy.