There’s a reason traveling is such a popular way of spending free time. It’s a great way to gain new experiences and meet new people. It can also, however, be a way to pack on some extra pounds or lose some of the muscle you worked so hard to build.

1. Try to stay in a location where you can cook. You don’t have to sacrifice experiencing local cuisine to stay in shape. Cooking at home allows you to be more conscious of what nutrients you’re taking in. Try going to a local market and the employees might even be willing to point you toward great ingredients and recipes.

2. Whether you’re eating out or cooking for yourself, pay attention to macros. While restaurants might not list nutritional information in great detail, you can be pretty sure a steak will have a lot of protein and a side of rice pilaf will have a lot of carbohydrates. Use common sense when ordering out.

3. Walk everywhere you can. When I was in Peru I lost a couple pounds because we walked an average of 10 miles a day.

Running tour
4. Check whether your destination has running tours. Running tours are a great way to get in a workout while you get to know a city.

5. Devote some time to fitness. Having time set aside specifically for fitness is especially important if you’re trying to maintain muscle mass. It can be as little as 10 minutes a day, but when you get back you’ll be glad you devoted it.

Hotel Gym
6. Try to stay in a hotel with a gym. Yes hotel gyms suck, but the three machines, stability ball, and 20 lb dumbbell are better than nothing.

7. If a hotel gym won’t do it, look into day passes. Many gyms offer affordable day or week passes.

8. Pack resistance bands.While taking up very little space and weight in your baggage, resistance bands provide a mass-building punch and can be used in a hotel room. Here’s a list of resistance band exercises you can do from the confines of your room.