So, Fiance is no longer Fiance. Now he is Ex. It’s a unfortunate situation, and that’s about all the wider internet world needs to know.

As you might expect, this isn’t exacting a thrilling time in my life. Luckily for you people, when I’m upset I like to bury myself in research and my rational mind, so you get to benefit from that.

Here’re the top 7 ways to help yourself along through a breakup:

1. Let yourself cry.
I dislike crying as much as the next person, but sometimes a good cry is called for. Whether you were together for years of months, you lost something and are allowed to grieve for it.

2. Move around.
Exercise, play sports you love, remind yourself how powerful you are!

3. Netflix and chill.
I mean literally. Put on a pair of sweatpants, turn on Netflix, and let yourself be absorbed into someone else’s drama.

4. Lean on friends and family.
While being alone to zone out can be nice, also try to surround yourself with supportive friends and family who can remind you how amazing of a human being you are and that you’re loved.

5. Pamper yourself.
Do something you love. It might be taking a three hour walk instead of doing dishes or getting a deep tissue massage. My personal way of pampering myself is indulging in a deliciously expensive piece of tiramisu.

6. Learn to interrupt obsessive thoughts.
It’s easy to get carried away thinking about what went wrong until you can think about little else. If that begins to happen interrupt the process by thinking about the great things happening in your life and the future you have before you.

7. Throw yourself into something.
As I mentioned, I when I’m dejected I seek comfort in my inquisitive and rational mind. Studying and writing leave no room for those obsessive thoughts. Find your muse to distract you. I suggest trying cooking, running, or volunteering as these activities have many benefits outside of distracting you.

Getting through a breakup is rough, but hopefully this information will help you as much as it helped me.