My last class of college was a personal finance class that lasted for one month and was held from 9 am to 12 pm Monday through Thursday. I learned many useful facts and skills in that class, but what stuck with me was the massively different outcomes from beginning to save at 22 vs 35.


My professor showed us a graph similar to the one above and it made a remarkable impact on me. At that moment I decided that as soon as I started working I would start saving.

My professor showed me that graph shortly after I started getting really into fitness. It took me a while to really draw the connection. Like financial investments, investing in fitness requires you to give up something now (time and perhaps money) to gain something later.

So here’s a list of my top 12 reasons reasons to put that time in now.

1. To have more energy to do what I love.


2. To have more time (long term) to spend with those I love.


3. To see the looks of surprise when I can carry a 160 lb keg.


4. To help me be happy.


5.To be proud of what I’m capable of.

Image result for powerlifting


6. To not break a hip.


7. To set and surpass goals.


8. To feel strong even when my legs are jelly.


9. To develop an intimate connection with my body.


10. To have an edge.


11. To look the way I want.


12. To have fun!