love smoothies. It is a deep and passionate love made even more intense by my daily 7:00 am departure from home that prevents me from having time to make a smoothie, enjoy it, and clean the blender.

So when the weekend comes around I take deep pleasure in piling fruit, soy milk, and any other fixings I’m feeling that say into the blender. I generally don’t follow a recipe, but the past three weekends I’ve decided to try new things out. These are the three best recipes I found, and I plan to enjoy them on this long weekend!

Strawberry Orange Protein Smoothie

The Greek yogurt in this smoothie packs a protein punch and the strawberries and orange juice make it lively and full of vitamins.


Almond Coconut Mocha Protein Smoothie

almond coconut mocha protein smoothie 10

Coffee is king, so anyone who fits it into food becomes one of my favorite people. This delightful recipe features intense coffee flavor and strong notes of coconut and almond. The addition of protein powder makes this a great drink for gym day.

Raspberry Almond Chia Smoothie

This smoothie is not only pretty, its loaded with protein and calcium and packed with flavor. The perfect breakfast to start your day!

Chia seeds make almost anything better, and this smoothie is not exception. Frozen raspberries make this drink light and refreshing.