Crabbie’s Orange Spice Ginger Beer ($15 for a 4 pack)

I consider myself pretty good with spices, but I still almost always base my flavors around cinnamon, ginger, garlic, or cayenne pepper. Ginger plays an especially important role in my cooking because of its ability to play well with savory and sweet foods. It also plays a pretty important role in my drinking. The first liqueur I ever made was a homemade Domaine De Canton and my favorite vodka drink is by far a Moscow Mule. I fell in love with Crabbie’s Ginger Beer when I tried it a year ago, so when I saw the orange spice variety I new I had to give it a try.

Crabbie's Orange Spice Ginger Beer

Overall Rating: B-*

Proof: 4%Crabbies in glass

Nose: Ginger comes through the strongest, with a more subtle sweet oranginess.

Appearance: The bottles are well composed and look lovely on a shelf or in the fridge. Once poured into a glass Orange Spice Ginger Beer is a beautiful transparent caramel color. It forms a light head that quickly dissipates.

Taste: I first tried the Orange Spice Ginger Beer chilled on its own. The first couple sips were nice- it tastes strongly of ginger with (slightly too much IMHO) sweetness being the second flavor. The spiced orange did not come through as clearly until the drink began to warm slightly. At that point I found the sweetness a bit cloying and poured it over ice.

Serving Notes: As this drink warmed it lost its appeal for me, so I recommend chilling and then serving over ice.

Overall Impression: While less impressive than the original Crabbie’s Ginger Beer, under the right circumstances (chilled and over ice) Crabbie’s Orange Spice Ginger Beer is quite enjoyable.

*Please note that I choose not to participate in grade inflation. To me, a B- does not mean subpar, it means slightly above average.