3 Twin Peaks Cocktails That’ve Never Been Near a Fish

Twin Peaks Cocktails


Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the airing of the last episode of Twin Peaks. That it ended so suddenly is a travesty, but at least we’re getting a second chance to experience it! David Lynch and Mark Frost have been at work on the new season which will likely appear in January of 2017.

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Matcha and Espresso Latte

Matcha and Espresso Latte

For a couple years I’ve been all about espresso. It’s delicious and automatically makes any morning better. It was just recently, however, that I discovered my love for matcha. That enticing Japanese drink has been worming its way into my mornings and displacing espresso as my go-to pick me up. Continue reading

4 Cocktails to Try for World Cocktail Day


Friday is World Cocktail Day! What better way to celebrate than by enjoying four cocktails from all over the world. Three of these are drawn from Around the World in 80 Cocktails by Allan Gage. This cocktail book contains many interesting cocktails from bars all over the world that contain unique ingredients, but I chose ones that would be a bit easier to pull together.


Abbey Road- 4 Cocktails to Try for World Cocktail Day

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3 Reasons to Drink Cocao Husk Tea

3 Reasons to Try Cocao Husk Tea

When we went to Peru, Fiance and I stopped at ChocoMuseo in Cusco. Its a really fun place that I definitely recommend checking out. While there, we sampled many chocolates and several liqueurs, but the sample that struck me was the cocao husk tea.

It was subtly sweet and delicious. I bought their largest bag to bring back to the States with me. Since then, I’ve been drinking several mugs of it a week and thoroughly enjoying myself.

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A Young Adult Quaker and Alcohol

A Young Adult Quaker and Alcohol

Recently I was at a worldwide Quaker event and an older Quaker asked me a question that shook me: Do you drink despite the traditional Quaker testimony against it because you truly don’t think it is damaging, or do you do so because drinking is convenient?

He brought up the sacrificially of many of the Quaker testimonies: refusing to swear oaths or pay tithes resulted in frequent and extended imprisonment, opposing slavery resulted in financial and social loss, and rejecting war resulted in derision by societies hungry for power.

Quakers continued to take these stand because of their ethical integrity. This older Friend questioned, or perhaps his question led me to question of myself, whether I was simply choosing the easier path than the social inconvenience of taking a stand against alcohol.

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How to Deal with Gym Creepers

How to Deal with Gym Creepers

I love weighted hip thrusts. They’re an amazing way to target your glutes and build strength. Unfortunately, this already somewhat awkward exercise is made all the worse if you just happen to have someone ogling you. Yep, I’m talking about that not-so-subtle guy (or girl) in the headphones who glances over just a bit too much and the overtly gross guy (or girl) who stops and stares.

Unwanted gazes can really put a damper on your sweat session, so I’ve collected some of my favorite ways of getting others to keep their eyes to themselves. Continue reading

7 Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

So, I’m not Irish. I mean, I probably have some Irish on Dad’s side if you want to disentangle his plethora of white. But really, I’m not Irish. As those who know me personally are well aware of, I have a very tentative approach to anything that’s within the proximity of cultural appropriation. After many conversations with both Irish Americans and native Irish, the strongest negative reactions to St Patrick’s day I’ve found was amused annoyance.

So, ethical qualms abated, I’ve collected some festive St. Patrick’s Day cocktails for you to enjoy.

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It’s Absinthe Day! (March 5)

AbsintheLet’s start off with a couple points of information about absinthe. You’ve probably heard stories about artists hallucinating on the Green Fairy and not much else about it. That’s because it has been legal in the USA for less than a decade and has yet to become very popular. While it will not make you hallucinate, absinthe has a high alcohol content, so if you aren’t careful, it’ll get you silly drunk quickly.

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Pisco Museum: Experiencing Peruvian Pisco


Climb to Wayna Picchu

I adore traveling. I love all the new sights, smells, and, most importantly, tastes.  Fiance and I were lucky enough to visit Peru for a conference in January and we took full advantage of the trip by building in some time in Cusco and a trip to Machu Picchu.

We ended our trip with a visit to Museo  de Pisco  (Pisco Museum) and learning as much as we could about pisco, Peru’s national spirit. While definitely an educational experience, the Pisco Museum’s large stock of piscos and other liquors, assortment of mixers, and highly skilled bartenders makes it a one of the most enjoyable bars I have been to.

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